An Individualized Approach to Wellness 

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The BodyScan maps the stress blueprint of the body through non-cognitive biofeedback. It is a non-invasive, non-medical testing procedure which uses vibratory frequencies delivered via electrodes through a hand pad. The body's response to each frequency is recorded and measured. After identifying the areas of stress and potential stressors, the practitioner will use the BodyScan to identify certain herbs, nutrients, and supplements that can aid your body in reducing stress. The two-hour session is completed with a discussion of other stress reduction techniques such as eating for your blood type, exercise, water, sleep, and emotional factors which may affect stress levels. 

  • Identify metabolic, functional, and energetic imbalances

  • Pinpoint the focus of therapy with the greatest priority, session-by-session

  • Uncover possible causes of stress physically, mentally, emotionally

  • Determine the body’s preferred nutritional support, session-by-session

  • Determine which nutritional supplements and herbs are compatible with your body and assist in bringing greater balance

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The BodyScan does not diagnose or treat any disease.


Book an Appointment

The BodyScan is available at our office in North Wilkesboro, NC or in Raleigh, NC. Call our office at 336-921-2220 for an appointment.

Long Distance Hair Scan
For those individuals who live too far away to come to one of our offices, an alternative is available. Since the BodyScan is based on frequencies, a client's hair sample can be used for a surrogate BodyScan. After the hair scan is run, our office will call to make an hour-long telephone appointment with you to discuss results and make recommendations for supplements and herbs to reduce stress found in the test results.

For more information or to book a BodyScan locally or long distance, please call 336.921.2220.


Initial BodyScan

BodyScan Retest

Long Distance Scan




"I am a changed man..."

“After seeing you and learning more about my BodyScan that you performed on me, I changed my diet and now I must say I am eating right. I have lost a little over thirty pounds and haven't been exercising a whole lot. My body feels totally different, joints that used to hurt do not any more. [...] I am a changed man and give God the glory. I'm thankful to God for answering my prayer on wisdom and leading me to you.”

— John B. | Rougemont, North Carolina